Kelby Hawn


I'm a design-minded gal who loves to code.

Currently looking for an entry-mid level Front-end or UI Developer position

About Me

Kelby Hawn

I'm a front-end + UI developer with a background in design. After co-founding two successful startups as a product/web designer, I've switched fully into code mode and spent 2021 on sabbatical learning JavaScript, React, and other front-end technologies.

I love translating design into code and solving problems in a practical and mindful way while collaborating with others. I also enjoy helping people tidy up and am a member and volunteer at SIMS.

Side Projects


Mini JS & React projects for practice and reference.

Super Simple Lorem Ipsum

A no-frills Lorem Ipsum resource.


A simple, easy-to-use list of ASCII codes.

React Sandbox

Learning React with a mix of components and dependencies.